Torn Between two Trainers – I need another body!

Back in 2005 I attended my first MMI, what’s that?  The Millionaire Mind Intensive.  And I have attended 6 more since then. That first one truly changed my life. I am a happy, joyful, more peaceful person because of that event.

For the Holidays I have the ability to offer you the chance to attend for free! a savings of over $795.

Just go here and register for the one nearest you.  You wont regeret it!

Now why do I need to bodies?

My other favorite trainer Dani Johnson, is holding a training event  on the same dates so I will have to choose which one to attend.  For more info on Dani’s event In January goto

no matter which one you go to, you’ll be glad you did

Happy New Year!
Evelyn Rosa, Coastal Vacations Platinum Director


Author: Evelyn Rosa

Smile for no reason - Happiness is a choice Pay It Forward - random acts of kindness the best legacy of all Love You... start there

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