#3 of 5 : Feed your Hair

#3 Cholesterol & Protein hair treatment: weekly, monthly or quarterly

My life rule for “feed your hair” is if I cant eat it I will not put it on my hair or body. My goal is to use products that are free of toxin free. Life is hard enough without poisoning myself with all sorts of products.

Part of the treatment I got at the salon each time was a cholesterol treatment.  This was one hour in the heating cap with a bunch of goop in my hair. it left my hair smooth shiny ans strong.

Later when I did not live near the salon I used the Queen Helene Hair Conditioning Cream, Super Cholesterol to do this treatment at home.

You can also make a “Hair Mayonnaise” yourself.  you just need a couple of eggs, and a few tablespoons of organic oils like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil.

Basic Hair Mayonnaise for short hair:
2 whole raw eggs
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp olive oil
Place all in blender and mix on high to form a mayonnaise like cream

Place on dry hair from root to ends

Cover hair with plastic hair cap and then a towel to keep warm

Leave on for at least an hour then wash hair with water only to rinse out the cream.

Towel dry your hair as usual.


Author: Evelyn Rosa

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