Me? I am Spirit, I have a body and I have a mind. Body and Mind are evolving in order to let Spirit emerge in pure Joy and Bliss.

Smile for no reason  – Happiness is a choice

Pay It Forward    – random acts of kindness
this is the best legacy of all

Love You… start there

The most simple humble statements can have the most incredible impact in your life.

I Love You: say this to your self first. Really feel it. Stand in front of your mirror every day, every morning, every night… and really say this and mean this to yourself.

When I first tried this, I could not even say I like you, because at the time…well, I hated me.

Go, right now, and look at yourself, and tell yourself you love you…

How did it feel?
Why did it feel that way?
What is stopping you from Loving You?
Who told you were not worthy, you were not deserving?

Realize it was not your truth. It was just their opinion.

Dont Believe a word they say…

start with this.


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