What is Wholesale Travel?  and can you really travel for wholesale?

Nearly all hotels, resorts, cruise lines, etc. have vacancies on an ongoing basis. They find that offering some of these vacancies is a viable form of “advertising” to bring in guests—who obviously then spend money in their bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Then they return home to tell their friends about the marvelous time they had!

Resorts as well as marketing companies have been offering these wholesale travel offers for 25 years, generally selling them in a package for much higher prices.  They are then called complimentary trips, vacation award or prizes, customer incentives or rewards.

These complimentary trips have long been a mainstay for travel agents. Today, many savvy travelers use promotional packages for all their vacations, saving thousands each year. After all, who visits an empty hotel or resort?

We use the word Complimentary because travelers are always responsible for any applicable taxes and port fees. There is generally no or very little cost for the room itself and the booking agent may or may not charge a small processing fee.

Some require as much as 90 day advance reservation and others can be done within 24 hours of your requested dates. It all depends on the location providing the offer and the agent providing the booking.




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