Crypto Coins, Blockchains and a Unified Planet

I am watching my world change in a new direction.  The world banks grip on the planet monetary systems is being challenged and at the same time the possibility for unadulterated data has been presented.

At a time when information is faked more often than real, blockchain technology presents a way to keep data integrity not just in money transactions but in medical records, identification, and data storage.

Having a currency backed by nothing has been the norm for some time. Having a currency that can transcend  and encompass all countries on the planet, now that gets my attention.  To survive as a species, coming to a place where we no longer break out into groups, be they by nationality or ethnic origin, to fight each other would be ideal. Crypto coins and blockchain technology could be the icebreaker we need to move us in that direction and into a brighter future.

I will be adding the ability to accept payments in Crypto coins soon to my Travel with Evelyn site. In the mean time Coinbase is a good place to buy or sell crypto coins and you can use this Public Key (3CC9WoR42o4A9UrEXoq8BREPNxQY9RkYEB) to make payments in Bitcoin till the payment page is set up.

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