Stay Healthy My Friends #COVID19

I have been using High dose Vitamin C for a few decades now. I don’t get colds, the flu or coughs.

As soon as I start to get any symptoms I increase my vitamin C doses and by the end of the day what ever it was is gone. My friends and daughter use it. All have had great results.

I am currently taking 3 grams per day

During these times, keep yourself healthy.


How I use Vitamin C:

1000 mg = 1 gram

This is how I use it.  I am not a doctor.  I am not giving you medical advice. I am sharing what I have been using to stay healthy.

I am over 50. I am home bound due to arthritis.

I always  select a Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid alone that is not a time release.  It’s ok if it has Rutin, Hesperidin and citrus bioflavinoids in it.  I wont ever use  Ascorbyl Palmitate or Emergen-C for the high doses taken several times an hour or even every hour. for 1x a day they are  fine.

Right now I am taking 3 grams per day to prevent catching anything. if I feel that I have been exposed I will move up to 6- 9 grams per day in divided doses with meals.

if I start to get any symptoms like a cough, fever, scratchy throat, runny nose, ear infection, etc, then I will :

* 1 grams  every 20 minutes,  if mild symptoms

*2 grams every 20 minutes , if I have serious symptoms

when I take the C I have it with a glass of water or juice and a bite of something.

* I never use time release, Ascorbyl Palmitate or Emergen-C for these high oral doses

* when I  start to get looser stools or a rumble in the tummy, I know that I have  taken all my  body can use. At that point I  start to reduce slowly how much I am are taking: From 2g per 20 min, to 1g per 20 min, to 1g per 30 min, to 1g per hour

Click here for  info on taking it intravenously

Back in February my daughter became very ill with the virus type symptoms. Because she was already in such bad shape at the time I also gave her to take  1x per day 5000 iu D,   1g Lysine, 1000 iu E, 100mcg Selenium, and  25000 iu Beta carotene.  it took the 3 but she completely recovered

Stay Healthy My friends