Vegan D didnt Work for Me

A couple of years ago I got tested for  D.  To my surprise it was super low, well below the 30 to 100 range the test form said I should be in.

Being vegetarian/vegan/plant based  (yes, I go back and forth in that range). I went looking for a  vegan or vegetarian  supplement, to start taking while I waited to see my main doctor again to get prescribed the D.

In the mean time conversations with my daughter  informed me that my grand daughter  also had low D levels and that her doctor had prescribed 10,000 iu per day and even 50,000 iu per week  doses to take.

Armed with that information I got a vegan D supplement at wholefoods.  the price was close to $1 per capsule.   My Dr, for what ever reason, chose to not believe that the test accurately reflected my D levels, and refused to prescribe the D!  Well I was upset but then it turns out there are no vegan or vegetarian D’s that he could have prescribed.

A year later I got retested, and low and behold, after a year of truly expensive Vegan D, my levels had moved up, just a tiny bit, and I was still below the 30-100 range !    I poured into more research and discovered that the Vegan D I was taking was D2 (Ergocalciferol), and that the non-vegan D was D3  .   The supposed vegan D3 from Lichen was really D2 with only trace amounts, if any ,of D3.

Well I needed D3 not D2.

I settled on the Solgar D3  made from the oil on wool (yes, sheep) in a vegetable capsule. I have been using supplements, many times in extremely  high doses, following the work done by  Durke Pearson and Sandy Shaw from their book “Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach”.  Going back to the 1990’s, Solgar has been one of the few companies that offered vegetarian formulations that I have relied on for supplementation.  I should have taken a hint hint when Solgar did not offer a Vegetarian form of D.

Not long  after I started taking the Solgar D3 I was in an accident. During the hospital stay my D levels where tested. To my surprise I was now at the low end of the 30-100 range that I had been trying to get to for over a year!

I continue to take the Solgar D3 ( 5000iu capsules 2x a day ) as I want to reach the high end of the acceptable range.

It also seems that I am getting some extra benefits  because at this particular point in history, taking D3 can help my body with the Coronavirus.

Yes, getting outdoors into some sunlight is great, but I am home bound these days in chronic pain.  Getting around is just not as easy, but sunny or not, I am giving my body the D3 it needs.