#2 of 5 : keep the scalp clean ( wash often! )

#2 Wash hair with water daily and maybe monthly or less  with a cleaner

To some people this may seem like an unnecessary instruction.  I have learned  over the years that there are 2 thoughts on this subject.  There are folks that grew up washing there hair every day or every other day, and then there are people like me who grew up washing hair once a month or so.

Wash Daily
I grew up surrounded by adults that taught me to wash my hair not more than once a month. As I grew up I got exposed to other people who washed their hair every day!  They had longer hair than i did or cut there hair often to keep it short. The point is their hair seemed to be growing and mine was not!

Wet hair does not leads to Colds.
Now I was told I would get sick if I went out with my hair wet.  That to wash the hair meant hours of detangling, putting on rollers, and sitting under a hair dryer.  Essentially a whole day had to be set aside to do this.  My mom never used a blow dryer but she did have curling irons and she used them on me.  I had scars on my scalp from them. I have learned now that there is now illness waiting fir me if I step out with wet hair.  I just bring an extra scarf, bandana, or hat to keep me a bit warmer if the weather is cold. In the summer it feels so great to be out with the hair wet. it cools me down and is so refreshing.

Just Water, no shampoo.
Now life is very different. I wash my hair with just water, almost every single day.  If I shower then I am wetting my hair. I don’t use any shampoo on it, just water.

Deep Clean with Dr Bronners
If I need to remove the old rancid oils from my hair or I got stuff in it from camping, swimming, or hiking then I wash it using Dr Bronners Peppermint liquid soap.  I will do a really good lather up with it and rinse.  Afterwards I will use extra oils to condition it.

Conditioner = Organic Oils.
After towel drying my hair I add organic coconut oil to it. I use about 1- 2 tsp now that my hair is short. As it gets longer I will increase the amount.   The oil goes on the scalp and then I let it spread to the length of the hair.  You can also use  extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil.