42 Ideals of Ma’at

I honor virtue
I benefit with gratitude
I am peaceful
I respect the property of others
I affirm that all life is sacred
I give offerings that are genuine
I live in truth
I regard all altars with respect
I speak with sincerity
I consume only my fair share
I offer words of good intent
I relate in peace
I honor animals with reverence
I can be trusted
I care for the Earth
I keep my own counsel
I speak positively of others
I remain in balance with my emotions
I am trustful in my relationships
I hold purity in high esteem
I spread Joy
I do the best I can
I communicate with compassion
I listen to opposing opinions
I create Harmony
I invoke laughter
I am open to love in various forms
I am forgiving
I am kind
I act respectfully of others
I am accepting
I follow my inner guidance
I converse with awareness
I do good
I give blessings
I keep the waters pure
I speak with good intent
I praise the Goddess and the God
I am humble
I achieve with integrity
I advanced through my own abilities
I embrace the all

these are the 42 Ideals of Ma’at



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Vegan D didnt Work for Me

A couple of years ago I got tested for  D.  To my surprise it was super low, well below the 30 to 100 range the test form said I should be in.

Being vegetarian/vegan/plant based  (yes, I go back and forth in that range). I went looking for a  vegan or vegetarian  supplement, to start taking while I waited to see my main doctor again to get prescribed the D.

In the mean time conversations with my daughter  informed me that my grand daughter  also had low D levels and that her doctor had prescribed 10,000 iu per day and even 50,000 iu per week  doses to take.

Armed with that information I got a vegan D supplement at wholefoods.  the price was close to $1 per capsule.   My Dr, for what ever reason, chose to not believe that the test accurately reflected my D levels, and refused to prescribe the D!  Well I was upset but then it turns out there are no vegan or vegetarian D’s that he could have prescribed.

A year later I got retested, and low and behold, after a year of truly expensive Vegan D, my levels had moved up, just a tiny bit, and I was still below the 30-100 range !    I poured into more research and discovered that the Vegan D I was taking was D2 (Ergocalciferol), and that the non-vegan D was D3  .   The supposed vegan D3 from Lichen was really D2 with only trace amounts, if any ,of D3.

Well I needed D3 not D2.

I settled on the Solgar D3  made from the oil on wool (yes, sheep) in a vegetable capsule. I have been using supplements, many times in extremely  high doses, following the work done by  Durke Pearson and Sandy Shaw from their book “Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach”.  Going back to the 1990’s, Solgar has been one of the few companies that offered vegetarian formulations that I have relied on for supplementation.  I should have taken a hint hint when Solgar did not offer a Vegetarian form of D.

Not long  after I started taking the Solgar D3 I was in an accident. During the hospital stay my D levels where tested. To my surprise I was now at the low end of the 30-100 range that I had been trying to get to for over a year!

I continue to take the Solgar D3 ( 5000iu capsules 2x a day ) as I want to reach the high end of the acceptable range.

It also seems that I am getting some extra benefits  because at this particular point in history, taking D3 can help my body with the Coronavirus.

Yes, getting outdoors into some sunlight is great, but I am home bound these days in chronic pain.  Getting around is just not as easy, but sunny or not, I am giving my body the D3 it needs.


Stay Healthy My Friends #COVID19

I have been using High dose Vitamin C for a few decades now. I don’t get colds, the flu or coughs.

As soon as I start to get any symptoms I increase my vitamin C doses and by the end of the day what ever it was is gone. My friends and daughter use it. All have had great results.

I am currently taking 3 grams per day

During these times, keep yourself healthy.


How I use Vitamin C:

1000 mg = 1 gram

This is how I use it.  I am not a doctor.  I am not giving you medical advice. I am sharing what I have been using to stay healthy.

I am over 50. I am home bound due to arthritis.

I always  select a Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid alone that is not a time release.  It’s ok if it has Rutin, Hesperidin and citrus bioflavinoids in it.  I wont ever use  Ascorbyl Palmitate or Emergen-C for the high doses taken several times an hour or even every hour. for 1x a day they are  fine.

Right now I am taking 3 grams per day to prevent catching anything. if I feel that I have been exposed I will move up to 6- 9 grams per day in divided doses with meals.

if I start to get any symptoms like a cough, fever, scratchy throat, runny nose, ear infection, etc, then I will :

* 1 grams  every 20 minutes,  if mild symptoms

*2 grams every 20 minutes , if I have serious symptoms

when I take the C I have it with a glass of water or juice and a bite of something.

* I never use time release, Ascorbyl Palmitate or Emergen-C for these high oral doses

* when I  start to get looser stools or a rumble in the tummy, I know that I have  taken all my  body can use. At that point I  start to reduce slowly how much I am are taking: From 2g per 20 min, to 1g per 20 min, to 1g per 30 min, to 1g per hour

Click here for  info on taking it intravenously

Back in February my daughter became very ill with the virus type symptoms. Because she was already in such bad shape at the time I also gave her to take  1x per day 5000 iu D,   1g Lysine, 1000 iu E, 100mcg Selenium, and  25000 iu Beta carotene.  it took the 3 but she completely recovered

Stay Healthy My friends

Stop Limit is My Friend

I love day trading! I am that last minute person that loves the thrill.

I have finally gotten to the point where I can see the candlestick patterns and I guess there is some level of intuition about the direction of the trade.  I can see the trade will be good in the direction chosen.  I find I hesitate getting in.  As in driving, hesitation can be deadly.  Once I am in the trade…. well getting out is another emotional swing.

Some where in my brain is this thought that “its just retracement” but often,  it really is a new direction. and I should have been out.

I am using TastyWorks for my live trades these days along with the OptionsHouse platform on Etrade.  I am still learning the TastyWorks desktop platform so most of my research is done on the OptionsHouse platform.  I love the low commission and fees, but there are just too many buttons to press to get into and out of day trades fast.

On OptionsHouse I can use OCO orders but TastyWorks does not have these.  It does however have a Stop Limit order that is different than on other platforms.  I can select my stop trigger and set a limit order for my stop exit!  I have been testing using this as a manual trailing stop, adjusting it up as the trade moves.  This has in fact worked quite well for me.  I have not been able to get out fast enough on a direction change so this acts like a safety netting for me to keep profits.

Four years ago none of this would have made any sense to me. I had no knowledge of the stock market, options or what was involved in trading. The Master The Markets course I took back then has turned out to be a really good investment. As Dani Johnson pointed out, investing in my self, in my personal development, always pays back.

Now, if the S&P 500 would pick some direction.  Its been in a channeling flag pattern for months. Lets see if it stays above the 100 MA this time.

Learn to Trade:     Master the Markets
Options Trading:    TastyWorks ( $1 commission  )
Stock Trading:        RobinHood
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Crypto Coins, Blockchains and a Unified Planet

I am watching my world change in a new direction.  The world banks grip on the planet monetary systems is being challenged and at the same time the possibility for unadulterated data has been presented.

At a time when information is faked more often than real, blockchain technology presents a way to keep data integrity not just in money transactions but in medical records, identification, and data storage.

Having a currency backed by nothing has been the norm for some time. Having a currency that can transcend  and encompass all countries on the planet, now that gets my attention.  To survive as a species, coming to a place where we no longer break out into groups, be they by nationality or ethnic origin, to fight each other would be ideal. Crypto coins and blockchain technology could be the icebreaker we need to move us in that direction and into a brighter future.

I will be adding the ability to accept payments in Crypto coins soon to my Travel with Evelyn site. In the mean time Coinbase is a good place to buy or sell crypto coins and you can use this Public Key (3CC9WoR42o4A9UrEXoq8BREPNxQY9RkYEB) to make payments in Bitcoin till the payment page is set up.

Crypto Coin Resources

News:    CoinTelegraph.com

Wallet:  Coinbase.com

Charts:  CryptoCurrencyChart.com

Quotes & Resources:   CryptoCompare.com

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#3 of 5 : Feed your Hair

#3 Cholesterol & Protein hair treatment: weekly, monthly or quarterly

My life rule for “feed your hair” is if I cant eat it I will not put it on my hair or body. My goal is to use products that are free of toxin free. Life is hard enough without poisoning myself with all sorts of products.

Part of the treatment I got at the salon each time was a cholesterol treatment.  This was one hour in the heating cap with a bunch of goop in my hair. it left my hair smooth shiny ans strong.

Later when I did not live near the salon I used the Queen Helene Hair Conditioning Cream, Super Cholesterol to do this treatment at home.

You can also make a “Hair Mayonnaise” yourself.  you just need a couple of eggs, and a few tablespoons of organic oils like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil.

Basic Hair Mayonnaise for short hair:
2 whole raw eggs
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp olive oil
Place all in blender and mix on high to form a mayonnaise like cream

Place on dry hair from root to ends

Cover hair with plastic hair cap and then a towel to keep warm

Leave on for at least an hour then wash hair with water only to rinse out the cream.

Towel dry your hair as usual.

#2 of 5 : keep the scalp clean ( wash often! )

#2 Wash hair with water daily and maybe monthly or less  with a cleaner

To some people this may seem like an unnecessary instruction.  I have learned  over the years that there are 2 thoughts on this subject.  There are folks that grew up washing there hair every day or every other day, and then there are people like me who grew up washing hair once a month or so.

Wash Daily
I grew up surrounded by adults that taught me to wash my hair not more than once a month. As I grew up I got exposed to other people who washed their hair every day!  They had longer hair than i did or cut there hair often to keep it short. The point is their hair seemed to be growing and mine was not!

Wet hair does not leads to Colds.
Now I was told I would get sick if I went out with my hair wet.  That to wash the hair meant hours of detangling, putting on rollers, and sitting under a hair dryer.  Essentially a whole day had to be set aside to do this.  My mom never used a blow dryer but she did have curling irons and she used them on me.  I had scars on my scalp from them. I have learned now that there is now illness waiting fir me if I step out with wet hair.  I just bring an extra scarf, bandana, or hat to keep me a bit warmer if the weather is cold. In the summer it feels so great to be out with the hair wet. it cools me down and is so refreshing.

Just Water, no shampoo.
Now life is very different. I wash my hair with just water, almost every single day.  If I shower then I am wetting my hair. I don’t use any shampoo on it, just water.

Deep Clean with Dr Bronners
If I need to remove the old rancid oils from my hair or I got stuff in it from camping, swimming, or hiking then I wash it using Dr Bronners Peppermint liquid soap.  I will do a really good lather up with it and rinse.  Afterwards I will use extra oils to condition it.

Conditioner = Organic Oils.
After towel drying my hair I add organic coconut oil to it. I use about 1- 2 tsp now that my hair is short. As it gets longer I will increase the amount.   The oil goes on the scalp and then I let it spread to the length of the hair.  You can also use  extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil.

#1 of 5 : keep the hair you have – Combs, and Combing

#1 Comb in Reverse


One of the first things I learned at the Maria Madora  long hair salon in NYC was about combing.

I was already using wide tooth combs but I would always start at the root of the hair and work my way down with the knots all collecting as I went down the hair. This ultimately collected all the knots near the ends and broke off a lot of those hair ends.  This in fact guaranteed that my hair would stay short.  The hair would grow at the root and I would break of  about the same length at the bottom through this combing processes.

At the salon they pointed out 2 things: 1) the comb really mattered and 2) how I combined could make a huge impact

1.1 ) Combs:
Most combs are made with a small ridge in the inside of the teeth because of the molds used to make them.  These ridges on the inside of the combs scrape against the hair, tearing it, snagging it and breaking it.   You can either Click Here to order the same combs  I use ( #59 and #116 ) or get a wood or metal combs that have smooth teeth with no ridges in them.  The comb should have wide teeth.  No find teeth combs to be used at all for detangling and styling

1.2) Brushes:
Get a natural boars bristle brush for final touches.  The brush is not to be used for detangling.  We are NOT going to be doing the 100 brush stokes to move the oils from the root to the ends. My hair is very thin, fine and breaks easily at this time so minimal brushing will be done.

1.3) Finger Combing:
This is my primary method of combing my hair. its very short now, about 4- 6 inches long and runing the fingers though it is enough.

2) Comb in Reverse
this was the single most important thing that I learned at the Salon.  a)  hold the hair near the ends, comb down from the hand hold to the ends.  then move had up about an inch and comb this next section. Keep moving up an inch or so at a time until you get to the root.   this leads to the least breakage, pulling and knotting.  very little hair shedding and loss as compared to combing from the root first.  If you only to this you will see a big difference over time.



5 Steps to Grow Long Hair

I learned from Maria Madora at the long hair salon in NYC how to grow my hair long. I went to that salon for many years to during which my hair did indeed grow long and beautiful.  If you are in the NYC area and can go to the Salon, that would be great! They do a consultation  to evaluate your particular situation and give you specific recommendations for your hair.  This is how I got started.  I went regularly for the hair treatments, used the products and used their combs.  They are the best. 
Over the years I moved away, life got busy and I went looking for ways to do some of what they taught me outside of the salon. I also looked for ways to keep to the vegetarian, chemical and toxin free life I was building.
Here are the basic rules I follow, more details later.
1) keep the hair you have  ( how to comb )
2) keep the scalp clean   ( wash often! )
3) if I cant eat it i will not put it on my hair or body ( products, toxin free living )
4) be gentle ( styles, rubber bands, hair dryers, curling irons,  and yes combing again )
5) feed the hair and scalp  ( healthy scalp makes more hair, healthy hair does not break )